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Taking regular exercise can play a crucial role in keeping both mind and body active and in shape as we grow older. However, making the time or having the ability to exercise regularly is not always easy. Now, looking young, feeling great and finding the time to combat the ageing process has never been simpler with Power Plate, the revolutionary fitness equipment that delivers a full body workout in as little as 20 minutes 3 times a week! Power Plate will guarantee an increase in muscle strength, body tone, fat reduction, it is low impact and gentle, enabling anyone -regardless of their age or fitness level - to benefit without putting strain on joints or another other parts of the body. Call for a free demonstration and sign on in the month of June and get a 10% reduction, bring a friend and get 2 extra sessions. Phone 645 1495 Sarah or 4047173 to book your session.
These are some of the testimonials that we have received from our regular clients: Anonymous client: *63 years of age *after 20 session and more *strengthened sore back *arthritic legs became more flexible and less painful *lost 5 inches thighs *lost 8 inches on waist *lost over 11 kilos. New clients *27 to 35 years of age *love and enjoy one on one training sessions *after 10 sessions *lost 1 to 2 inches on waist *lost 15 to 20cm on thighs *fabulous reduction of cellulite

Have you seen our new look nail bar? Feel you deserve a treat? For the month of June get 10% off all gel and acrylic nails, bring a friend and get a free hand massage Ð what more could you ask for? Contact 6127203 Ivy, 651 6801 Celia to make your booking!

REGIME A FACIALS - call to find out what our wonderful Mother's day special are.

Any second hand books you wish to get rid of? We will willingly purchase them - please drop them off at Serendipity book store.

S Motion gym - avoid putting on winter flab come and join our gym - many different types of membership available or come for a free Power Plate session!


Phone 00268-4050452 or 00268-6676246 for more information


RégimA is a cosmeceutical (medical) product formulated locally in South Africa. It is a unique skin rejuvenation and treatment range that will restore the skin’s youthful appearance, improving colour, texture and tone, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles.

It uses natural fruit and plant extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants to heal, repair and restore the skin at a deeper level.

Who can be helped by RégimA?

  • All skin types: Including the most Sensitive skins
  • All skin colours
  • Male or Female
  • All Age groups- Safe for even the very young
  • Rejuvenation for: Sun Damage, wrinkles, fine lines, ageing, dehydration
  • Pigmented and uneven skin tone, dark circles under eyes, sun spots
  • Acne: Break-outs, severe acne, acne scarring
  • Scars: new or old- from trauma
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Anyone looking to improve the state of their skin

Improvements that you can expect:
  • Softening of fine lines from sun damage
  • Smoothing of deeper lines if undergoing treatments with the "Peel and Heal"
  • Increased smoothness of skin texture
  • Normalizing of pigmentation and improvement in overall skin colour
  • Firming, toning of the skin of the face and body
  • Improved suppleness and rehydration of tired, damaged skin
  • Clearing blackheads and spots and minimizing pore size
  • Enhanced scar and wound healing
  • Helps even old scarring - improves smoothness and colour of scarring
  • Helps prevent and repair stretch marks
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • More rapid healing and better end result following laser therapy
  • Increased natural skin glow and radiance
  • Skin maintenance as never before bringing back youthfulness
  • Helps eliminate and control cellulite with maintenance
  • Overall improvement in skin condition of the face and body


Finally back in and , a highly nutritious breakfast shake. Providing 100% of all vitamin and mineral RDA's, one third of your protein requirements, plus essential fatty acids. Get up & Go is ideal for adults and children seeking optimum health and whose lifestyle demands a high level support of nutrients for energy. Get up & Go is made from a special blend of quinoa, brown rice and soya flour, providing a superior quality of protein balanced with carbohydrates. Grab it, get up & Go!! Get up & Go shakes are served for breakfast in the coffee shop.

Silver cure is effective against more than 460 diseases causing organisms including E-coli bacteria and the fungus candida albicans. Colloidal silver is non-addictive nor non-toxic and will not interfere with other medications. Can also be used treating animals and the following below:
natural anti-biotic, immune system booster, skin disorders eg, athletes foot, eczema, acne, warts, fungal infection, wounds and burns, sunburn, razor nicks, cuts, abrasions, rashes, parasite infection, toothache, mouth sores, ear ache, eye infections, gargle to fight tooth decay or bad breath.

Exciting News!!

We are offering Botox @ Serendipity. Every Tuesday from 14h00 - 17h00 by a fully Qualified Doctor. All bookings are strictly confidential.
Phone 00268-4050452 or 00268-6676246 for more information

Tae Bo
For the early birds classes will be at 5.30 to 6.30 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and at 6.30 to 7.30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

Jody's Jewels
Jody's Jewels are now available @ Serendipity. Pure Jewels and Gems are exquisitely made and hand crafted. For personal orders please call us @ Serendipity.


With Power Plate you can achieve the results you were looking for - in half the time! Yes, just 20 minutes 3 times a week gets you where you want to be!

After 6 weeks of starting Power Plate it has been documented that there is ... a 16.6% increase in leg strength,...26% decrease in cellulite,... decrease in muscle soreness by 62%,... reduces the risk of hip problems by 15%, ... helps fight osteoporosis by 34%, ... weight loss by 18%,... improves flexibility by 8%

Each power plate session is a personalised training session with a qualified instructor.

Interesting info - the SHARKS rugby team are using Powerplate, with 3 powerplates in their gym and one in their changing room in the SHARK TANK which they use for stretching, warming up, muscle activation and strengthening.

Here is a quote from Dr Craig Robert SHARKS medical doctor :

"We are using them during the week for rehabilitation and flexibility training. The players are really enjoying them and particularly on match days when we have the plates in the change room and on the side of the field for muscle activation prior to warm up or playing as well as for recovery after the game. We really feel they are making a significant difference; normally for the first few games of the season the players often struggle with cramps towards the end of the game and this season despite the new rule variations which means even more running we have not had one player cramp."

Powerplate - still not sure what it is or does for you?

Come for your free session and find out more.

Contact Sarah on 645 1495 or the office on 4047173

Fitness Studio and S Motion Gym


Our state of the art equipment is tailored for you and will keep you on track. Realise your IDEAL figure, fat loss or muscle gain. The most important health and body changing decision you will ever make!

For more information to join our LIMITED MEMBERSHIP

Phone 00268-4050452 or 00268-6676246 for more information

New treatment now offered at Serendipity
Have you ever had a reflexation?? If not you have to come in or call and find out what this amazing new treatment can do for you and every cell in your body. I highly recommend it for the extremely stressed corporate individuals and if you can never stop thinking. For more info you must call us now 4050452

Serendipity café
Opens daily from 09h00-17h00 and Saturdays 09h00-13h00. We also do functions, corporate lunches with full projector facilities and catering.

Conference Facilities

Catering for all your needs from Rugby / Sports viewing, Product launching, Team building and Motivational talks, Business meetings/lunches, Farewell's, Make-overs, Workshops, Art-classes and much
much more....! We offer: Big screen, projector, surround sound and full catering.

Looking for a place to sell your Health products?
Serendipity is offering shelf space for rent.
For further information contact us @ 00268-4050452 or 00268-6676246


Do you want beautiful, manicured, healthy nails all the time, for longer? Do you want to be able to grow out your own nails without them breaking?
Are you tired of chipped nail polish that has to be replaced every 2-3 days?
Are you tired of waiting 20 minutes for nail polish to dry and then smudging it anyway?

We have a perfect solution for you- Bio Sculpture Gel. Bio Sculpture is the proven leader of gel nail systems. They have developed new products to protect and strengthen the natural nail by introducing vitamins and minerals into their product. Now you can have perfectly healthy, beautiful, strong nails for longer without worrying about them breaking or chipping.

Benefits & Advantages of Bio Sculpture gel:

The busy housewife, secretary and career woman has perfectly manicured nails at all times.

Can be applied to any length of nail- short or long.

It is thin, natural looking, long wearing, flexible and will not chip.

It dries instantly under a UVA unit, so no sitting for hours waiting for it to dry- no smudging.

Lasts 3-6 weeks and protects your own natural nail from tearing or breaking.

Encourages your nails to grow long naturally.

If you need your feet and hands done but are short on time, we can now shorten your treatment time by having two nail technicians treat you at the same time.

Phone 00268-4050452 or 00268-6676246 for more information